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Booyah! by Loran

Booyah small

Please meet Booyah, a big green friendly monster, the hero of this book. Unfortunetaly, this unusual helpful goof likes to aid children and elder laides, as a true gentleman, despite his clumsiness and severe anger management issues. What could go wrong?

Note: This book contain blood and gore accopanied with good humour.

  • 170x240mm
  • 62 full colour pages
  • Soft-back
  • isbn: 978-1-908830-00-5

Madwoman of the Sacred Heart

by Moebius and Jodorowsky


Alan Mangel has it all. As a popular Philosophy Professor at the world famous La Sorbonne university, he is wealthy, married, and academically acclaimed.
On his sixtieth birthday, Alan will lose everything. Alan’s wife leaves him for another man. Professor Mangel’s students lose all respect for him. And Elisabeth, a beautiful young student who continues to believe in his teachings, claims she received a vision from God that he is to impregnate her with the second-coming of John the Baptist.

  • 194x262mm
  • 192 full colour pages
  • Hardback
  • isbn: 978-1-908830-01-2

Young, Talented... Exploited! by Yatuu


After graduating, Yatuu was incredibly motivated to get her first job! After having sent out a multitude of applications, she found she was only offered unpaid internships… She reluctantly accepted one of them hoping it would lead to permanent employment. Three more unpaid placements later Yatuu received a call from the biggest ad agency in the world... for an internship. In Young, Talented...Exploited Yatuu takes a vindictive delight in documenting the injustices and humiliations heaped upon her during her unpaid work experience.

  • 148x210 mm
  • 96 full colour pages
  • Soft-back
  • isbn: 978-1-908830-02-9